A Seamless Process, Now And In The Future

When you hire a broker to buy or sell an aircraft, more often than not, you’re assuming that company has accounted for every last detail by the time you sit down at the closing table. After all, you’re not the aviation expert – they are! Well, not always. While a broker knows how to put you in the right aircraft and will check off many action items on the to-do list, there are critical details that fall outside their list of services and knowledge base. This includes technical areas like aircraft history and records review, sitting in your cockpit and literally checking every switch, providing hands-on oversight throughout a project, and even drilling down to point out potential pitfalls in floorplan configurations. Basically, double-checking anything that could ultimately derail your transaction.

You could outsource those details to Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Shops or the Original Equipment Manufacturer, but the extra expense mostly just gives you a snapshot. Southwest Business Aviation Consulting, LLC provides a pivotal technical consulting piece to Lawson Aircraft Sales, often uncovering issues that were previously overlooked.

For you, the client, you can proceed with confidence knowing every last nook and cranny of the aircraft you purchased or sold has been reviewed for accuracy and performance. Yes, we are a broker-dealer of turbine-powered aircraft, but our team is licensed by the FAA with Airframe, Power Plant, and Inspection Authorization approval.

SBAC, LLC handles the following service areas and more in conjunction with Lawson Aircraft Sales:

•  Pre-Purchase Evaluations
• Project Management
• Green Aircraft Completion
• Finance Guidance
• Specification Verifications
• Production Assembly

Working with Lawson Aircraft Sales means all your aviation needs will be covered. And in today’s environment, where the tiniest of missed details can spoil a strong purchase or sale, it makes sense to have one professional who can provide the right resources, guidance, and hands-on expertise to cover all your bases.