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Lawson Aircraft Sales in Argyle, TX is an aircraft brokerage and dealer firm that handles the entire sales and acquisition process. Unlike brokerage firms that only handle listings and sales, our more than 35 years of buying and selling aircraft, consulting, and technical experience allows us to represent you from the moment you come to us all the way through closing. let us know how we can help you.

phone: 214-766-4424
email: [email protected]

We specialize in turbine-powered aircraft and provide worldwide client representation in the following areas:

•  Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions
•  Market Research & Analysis
•  Listings & Showings
•  Aircraft Interior & Exterior Maintenance/Modifications
•  Contracts & Negotiations
•  Pre-Purchase Evaluations
•  1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
•  Acceptance, Delivery, & Closing
•  Consulting